Used Transmissions and the Risks They Pose

Purchasing a used transmission from a wrecked or failed vehicle poses significant risks

Used transmissions can be found at most auto wreckers and on several websites. Many of these suppliers offer warranties, usually for a time frame ranging from 30 to 90 days. But it’s important to remember you don’t truly know what condition a used transmission is in, what its history is, and there are no guarantees it will work as you expect for long if at all.

Be aware it can take up to 10 hours or more to install a used transmission in a car. In fact, It’s usually cheaper to have your vehicle’s failed or failing transmission removed and repaired. Additionally, there are so many variations of transmissions on the used parts aftermarket that there’s a real possibility you may purchase the wrong model for your vehicle.

Just the year and model often are not enough information to be certain it would work in your vehicle. We sell used transmissions and we know what will work for you and what won't. You definitely need a transmission expert to find the correct match.

However, a 30 to 90 day warranty only covers the transmission itself, not the labor to install and re-install if it fails.

We have financing available so that buying a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission is almost always the better option.

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However, if you really aren't certain that you need a new transmission, we suggest our Expert Diagnosis because MANY transmissions are rebuilt or replaced by other shops when the issue could be something else.

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Certified Transmission California has many conveniently located transmission Diagnostic and Installation Centers throughout San Diego county. We are transmission experts and have been providing full transmission service since 1978.

Whether you are considering a used, rebuilt, remanufactured, or factory transmission - we have a huge inventory of rebuilt transmissions and automatic transmission parts, we can ship out of inventory, repair or rebuild transmissions fast.

All of our centers offer an expert diagnosis service. This saves our customers a lot of money. So often, people come to us thinking they have a transmission problem when they don't. Why risk a wrong guess? Get it right from the experts.

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